to the scenic Central Coast of NSW Australia

Mental Health Week

Get on Board with Mental Health Week 5-12 Oct 2014

Melbourne recruitment firm pays $11,000 in damages for using unlicensed Microsoft Office

An unnamed recruitment firm in Melbourne has paid $11,190 to settle a copyright breach claim with industry advocacy group the Software Alliance (BSA), for the use of unlicensed Microsoft Office software.

The BSA has previously said software piracy is rife in Australia, with recent estimates putting the figure of unlicensed software in the county at 21%.

This is what the scam Australian Taxation Office email looks like

A fake ATO email carrying malware which aims to steal passwords is circulating this week. Click to see what the email looks like.

More than 50,000 copies of a scam email pretending to come from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have been intercepted

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To find out how to avoid scams or to report a scam, go to www.scamwatch.gov.au.

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Water Restrictions are in force. Please visit
Gosford &Wyong Councils' Water Authority
for details

The Entrance Events Calendar
also check local papers and radio for events

New NSW Lifejacket Rules apply
To help save lives on our waterways, NSW lifejacket laws have changed from Nov 1 2010. For full details go to www.maritime.nsw.gov.au or call the info line on 13 12 56.

R.T.A. Camera on the F3 Freeway

Checkout the traffic conditions before you travel
the page switches between cameras located at various locations along the freeway

Central Coast Weather Watch Radar

radar images show the location of rain in relation to local features such as the coastline

that shows us what's happening live, use the weather search below for

The Skillion on the scenic  centralcoast of NSW
scenic Central Coast - just a step away



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